Resolving remote hostnames

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  • InterClaw
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    • Jul 2024
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    Resolving remote hostnames

    I'm having a problem reaching computers over SMB by their hostnames when using OpenVPN to reach my home network. I can only reach them by their IP addresses.

    Here is my setup:

    Home router is
    The router is the OpenVPN server and has generated the .ovpn file.

    Home server is
    The server can be reached with either \\NAS or \\ when at home.

    When connecting remotely with OpenVPN I can only reach the server with \\
    When trying to reach it with \\NAS Windows Explorer just says "Windows cannot access \\NAS"

    Could you help me solve this problem? Is there some setting I need to do on my client computer so that it can still use the hostname over the OpenVPN connection?

    I'm using OpenVPN Connect 3.4.4 (3412) on the client computer. Windows 11.

    I wasn't sure it this question belonged to a specific sub-forum. Feel free to move it to a better location.