VPN drive mapping not working

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  • Studyhaxxx
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    • Jun 2024
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    VPN drive mapping not working

    WHen I'm on the LAN it works great. But when I'm on a non-LAN network, and am accessing my LAN via the VPN server running on my NAS, it doesn't work. My LAN is on the 192.168.1.? subnet and my VPN server puts me on the 10.8.0.? subnet. So the subnet mask is in both cases

    So if I understand correctly even tho I can access and ping my NAS when I'm connected over VPN, the reason why my app is still not working over VPN is because I'm not the 192.168.1.? subnet? Instead I'm put on the subnet?

    Edit: I have the Synology DS118 and OpenVPN running on it (server) and the GUI client (community) on my laptops, desktops.

    Edit2: My self-made app maps all the user's network drives as local drives persistently in File Explorer.